southwest landscapes by Huertas Aguiar

sedona, southwest landscape

oil by Huertas Aguiar

Huertas Aguiar has been described by collectors as the Ansel Adams of painting. Just as Adams photographed the beauty of America with his camera, Aguiar has captured the majesty of our nation’s landscapes and seascapes on his canvas. Huertas was born in San Juan, Argentina in 1923. His entire life has been devoted to his painting. As a youngster, he learned to paint outdoors using the landscapes of his native Argentina as his subjects. During his formative years, he studied carefully the works of Rembrandt, which has greatly influenced the brilliant treatment of light in all of his paintings. In 1965, Aguiar moved to the United States, where he eventually became a naturalized citizen. He settled in the Chica go area, where he lived for twenty-five years, before moving back to Argentina. During this period, he traveled extensively across America, capturing its beauty on canvas. Today, after more than five decades of painting, Aguiar’s work has become prized by collectors throughout North and South America. Every painting by Huertas Aguiar, regardless of size or subject, is a testament to his incredible ability to perfectly capture the dramatic beauty of our country.