Vatican Art

Andrea de Kerpely-Zak’s painting “Towering Poppy,” was commissioned for the likes of Pope John ┬áPaul II.

Impressionist Landscapes by Lassman

Scottsdale Art Gallery | Gallery Andrea

If you love impressionist landscapes you must come see the works by Nadia Lassman at Gallery Andrea!

Lassman’s work reflects the happiness she feels, the beauty of nature and her joy of traveling. She is fond of water scenes, keeping her viewers fascinated by the contrasting tones. Lassman also likes to explore the complexity of architecture along with the interplay of light and reflections in the water.

Scottsdale Art Gallery | Gallery Andrea

Oil by Lassman

Featured artist of the day Collin Fry!

Featured artist of the day! Collin Fry has been painting over 40 years! He loves to travel and paint the beautiful fields of Tuscany! Travel to Tuscany by owning a painting like these!

tuscan landscape

Oil by Collin Fry

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