Impressionist Landscapes by Lassman

Scottsdale Art Gallery | Gallery Andrea

If you love impressionist landscapes you must come see the works by Nadia Lassman at Gallery Andrea!

Lassman’s work reflects the happiness she feels, the beauty of nature and her joy of traveling. She is fond of water scenes, keeping her viewers fascinated by the contrasting tones. Lassman also likes to explore the complexity of architecture along with the interplay of light and reflections in the water.

Scottsdale Art Gallery | Gallery Andrea

Oil by Lassman

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Americo Makk is internationally known studied in paris and is most noted for his portraits of Presiden Reagen and Jimmy Carter. He also loves to paint scenes of Paris.



by Americo Makk


Figurative impressionist art

Artist Bernard loves to paint Ballerinas in a loose impressionist style akin to Edgar Degas!

“Weekly scheduled life drawing sessions with fellow artists over the past 30 years have provided a mastery of the human figure in life. My affiliation with dancers and ballet theaters has provided me with the color, movement and vitality necessary for the capture of the dancer.”

Capturing the human figure in motion or in life, as in the dance, allows me to portray this action with color, rhythm and fluidity of form. Note the hands, feet, gestures–the neck of the dancers, in motion or at rest. See how only one stroke of color or line defines the character of the person, or the nature of movement”.

impressionist oil

Oil by Bernard Martin

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Come see his works in person at Gallery Andrea located in scottsdale, arizona in the fine arts district. Our fine arts district is rated as one of the top things to do in scottsdale! virtual tourist





Surrealist and Contemporary works by Artemiza

impressionist landscape

Oil by Artemiza

mona lisa

Oil by Artemiza

oil by Artemiza

oil by Artemiza