The very first time I saw pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope it literally took my breath away.  I couldn’t believe the beauty “out there” – that the dark sky I see every night is actually filled with color and splendor beyond my wildest imagination!  It never crossed my mind that one day I’d be creating paintings which capture the intensity and grandeur.  I love painting the Cosmos!  And as I paint, I sense that Something larger is painting with and through me, helping me show others the order, harmony, and beauty surrounding us.

abstract art

Cosmopolitan by O”Donnell

abstract art

In a Galaxy Far Away

Surrealist abstract art

abstract art, contemporary art

Acrylic by Patrick

Shalome Patrick  is an  artist who loves to express herself on canvas with perplexing images and tell a story! She invites the viewer to take a look and try to figure out what the imagery in the painting represents. Patrick has shown her works internationally and brings a worldly perspective to her art. Her most recent works captures her impressions and will dazzle your imagination!

abstract art, contemporary art,

Acrylic by Shalome

abstract art, contemporary art

Acrylic by shalome

see her event on eventbrite , and scottsdaleindependent

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Gallery Andrea announces September art exhibit openings | Scottsdale Independent

Abstract Show

Gallery Andrea presents an Abstract show this summer, highlighting  Laura Thurbon

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contemporary art

contemporary artwork by artist Thurbon

religious art

Acrylic by Thurbon

How to Hang Art

Before you start hanging your new art I have some tips on how to approach hanging them:

Tip 1) Make sure the artwork is big enough for the space, art that is too small will create an effect like the art is getting lost on the wall.

Tip 2) Hang the Art at Eye Level Consider the space you need to fill (from above a credenza to the ceiling) then place it 6 – 8″ above the piece of furniture.

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Read this article in stylebyemily for more tips.

contemporary art for sale

Abstract art in scottsdale by artist Laura Thurbon

Contemporary Art

Scottsdale Art Gallery | Gallery Andrea

Scottsdale Art Gallery | Gallery Andrea

“Chicago Wind,” Banaszak

If you like contemporary art and looking to enhance your home decor with great colors and imagination check out artist Jessie Banaszak

original abstract and figurative acrylic-on canvas paintings. Jessie earned a BFA in painting and drawing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts, where she also studied ceramics and sculpture.  Her paintings have a bit of surrealism that makes your mind wander. 

Scottsdale Art Gallery | Gallery Andrea

“Water and Wind,” Banaszak

New Abstract works just in!

We just received some amazing abstract paintings hot off the press! whether you are looking to decorate a new place or switch out existing art for something fresh!

abstract art

Rainbow of color mixed media by Skinner

surrealism, contemporary

“View from Above,” Acrylic by Castro

abstract art

Oil by John Maxon

Decorate your home or office with artwork from Gallery Andrea!