Valentines Show Romantic Flowers and Ladies

Artists produce Valentines Day show for Scottsdale gallery | Scottsdale Independent


Renoir inspired painting

Oil by Joseph McCabe

Gallery Andrea featured in NorthvalleyMagazine

interview northvalleymagazine

media coverage in northvalleymagazine

Scottsdale’s Gallery Andrea showcases the work of mother-daughter duo.

Gallery Andrea has been a staple of the local art scene in Old Town Scottsdale since 2004.

Andrea de Kerpely-Zak has been creating and exhibiting her mesmerizing artworks for over 35 years and her pieces are internationally collected. Known for colorful and delicate impressionist flowers, her paintings explore the emotion of a particular moment of the day and symbolize freedom and healing, while examining the idea and the effect of the light. She utilizes acrylic paint on canvas that she then waters down, creating a watercolor effect. This allows her to work quickly on multiple paintings at a time on subjects ranging from flowers and desert plants to landscapes.

Gallery Andrea features artwork by both de Kerpely-Zak and Zakrzewski, in addition to the work of several prominent artists from around the world. The pieces showcase a diverse selection of artwork and styles including floral, abstract, figurative, landscape, and sculpture.

As a complementary project, Zakrzewski recently launched her own fashion line, Artsyandreaz Floral Fashion. Featuring wearable art, including dresses, leggings, and scarfs incorporating the mother and daughter’s floral artwork, the fashions debuted this past October at Phoenix Fashion Week.

Gallery Andrea participates in the weekly Thursday Scottsdale ArtWalk from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. each week. The gallery is located at 7019 E. Main St., Scottsdale and is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and is closed on Sunday. For more information about Gallery Andrea, visit them online at

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Like Mother, Like Daughter Andrea Zakrzewski brings wildflowers into the next generation

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Magazine Interview in Uptown Magazine about andreazfloralfashion

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Andrea J. Zakrzewski has been surrounded by art since childhood. Her mother, Andrea de Kerpely-Zak — a Hungarian artist with a flair for painting wildflowers — is her inspiration.

Just before Kerpely-Zak left Hungary, she picked a bouquet of wildflowers and painted them, symbolizing freedom and healing. Zakrzewski has based her career as an artist off of her mother’s creation.

“My mother has mentored and shaped me as a fine artist, and I hope to leave a legacy of her art in my works,”  Zakrzewski says.

In 2004, the duo opened Gallery Andrea in the heart of the Arts District.

Their artwork is available on canvas and, more recently, on clothes. Last year, Zakrzewski launched her wearable art line, Floral Fashion ( The collection allows patrons to don Zakrzewski and her mother’s vibrant wildflowers on skirts, leggings, dresses, purses and scarves.

“I wanted people to be able to wear our ‘healing flowers’ and spread joy to others they encounter,” she explains.

In addition to your mother, what other artists inspire you? I am also a huge fan of all the impressionists, including [Claude] Monet and Vincent van Gogh. Have you always been passionate about fashion? I have been interested in fashion since I was exposed to it as a model and pageant contestant. My love of painting goes hand-in-hand with fashion. What do you love most about living in the Valley of the Sun? The beautiful scenery, including the sunsets and gorgeous mountains that I love to hike. We have such beautiful wildflowers, which I love to paint plein air (outdoors).

By Elizabeth Liberatore
Photo by Mark Morgan

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Surrealist abstract art

abstract art, contemporary art

Acrylic by Patrick

Shalome Patrick  is an  artist who loves to express herself on canvas with perplexing images and tell a story! She invites the viewer to take a look and try to figure out what the imagery in the painting represents. Patrick has shown her works internationally and brings a worldly perspective to her art. Her most recent works captures her impressions and will dazzle your imagination!

abstract art, contemporary art,

Acrylic by Shalome

abstract art, contemporary art

Acrylic by shalome

see her event on eventbrite , and scottsdaleindependent

article from scottsdale independent:

Gallery Andrea announces September art exhibit openings | Scottsdale Independent

Tips on Buying your First Painting

ballerina art

Ballet Oil by Julee

1. Figure out what style you are attracted to.

abstract art

Oil by Laura Thurbon

2. Determine what you’re buying: Are you buying something that you love and you want purely because you think it’s great? Or are you buying something that you love but you secretly want to be an investment? There are different types of purchases in the art world.


abstract art

Acrylic by Shalom Patrick

3. Set a budget. In your mind you really need to set a budget in terms of what you can afford,

floral art

Acrylic by Andrea de Kerpely-Zak

5. Understand that size does matter. You want to be sure that this [work] fits in your apartment or home.


Abstract Show

Gallery Andrea presents an Abstract show this summer, highlighting  Laura Thurbon

Check out the article featured in AZFootillsMagazine

contemporary art

contemporary artwork by artist Thurbon

religious art

Acrylic by Thurbon

Tips for Art Buyers

Once you buy some original artwork you want to make sure you keep the documentation about the value. Gallery Andrea is here to help you with all your questions about buying artwork, selecting and keeping records for the future.

Watch the video

landscape art

Watercolor by Andrea de Kerpely-Zak

We also provide art interior design services call us today 480 481 2530 or visit us online

How to Hang Art

Before you start hanging your new art I have some tips on how to approach hanging them:

Tip 1) Make sure the artwork is big enough for the space, art that is too small will create an effect like the art is getting lost on the wall.

Tip 2) Hang the Art at Eye Level Consider the space you need to fill (from above a credenza to the ceiling) then place it 6 – 8″ above the piece of furniture.

Contact Gallery Andrea for more art interior design services about how to hang artwork we consult via skype or facetime and

Read this article in stylebyemily for more tips.

contemporary art for sale

Abstract art in scottsdale by artist Laura Thurbon

Floral fashion featured on ch 3

Packing for your next vacation

See our Floral Fashion artsyandreaz floral fashion featured as clothing to wear on your next vacation.

You’ll see a custom made dress, skirt and leggings. View more on 

dress, clothing, floral fashion,

Custom made floral fashion dress perfect for your summer wardrobe

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8 Must-Read Tips Before Buying Art for Your Living Room

Read this article for tips on hanging art in your living room in the huffingtonpost

1. “Buy what you love. Fine art should never be a ‘maybe’ and should thrill you every single day.”

2. “Consider a contemporary piece for a traditional space and vice versa. It shakes it up and adds visual interest.”

3. “Don’t try to match your art to the room. Instead, contrast and complement the space with art so it works with the room and doesn’t get lost.”

floral art, french country,

by Andrea de Kerpely-Zak

4. “Do splurge on quality custom framing, museum glass and fabric mats. You’ll be glad you did, as it will elevate the art in all cases.”

abstract art, contemporary art

Oil by Collin Fry