commission wedding bouquet painting by Andrea de Kerpelyk-Zak

For many a bride, flowers are the hallmark of a perfect day. The romance and fragrance of nature’s blooms symbolize the virtues of a long and wonderful marriage. Yet these lovely treasures are fleeting and at the end of the day, they can wither and fade just as a new couple is crowned Husband and Wife. This irony is not lost on Valley artist Andrea de Kerpely-Zak.

The Hungarian born painter has been drawn to the mysteries of flora since childhood. Her gentle touch matched with bold color, evokes the delight of flowers. Bringing life to canvas is a natural extension of her talents and a passion. From portrait to still life, Andrea has painted her way through motherhood and marriage.

But it was during a visit to her native Hungary that she was drawn to the magic of wildflowers as never before. Andrea recalls how years ago, “My husband Zak brought me an armful of flowers that he had gathered on afternoon. It was a romantic gesture and so very touching.”

This declaration of love lead her to the exploration of watercolor. She suddenly found herself impressionistically, capturing the essence of the wildflowers in openly flowing paintings.

Throughout the next several years, Andrea would become recognized for this unique and personal style of art. She has exhibited her work in several prominent galleries from Sedona to La Jolla and enjoyed critical acclaim. Collectors of her fine watercolors include Valley National Bank, Sakowitz, Texacon, and even Vatican City, Pope John Paul. She has exhibited her art abroad in Sweden, Italy, Hungary and the Netherlands.

Yet a new type of art connoisseur is flocking to Andrea. Brides and grooms are seeking out this artist to document and reflect wedding flowers. Commissioning art is a way to keep the beauty and elegance of flowers blooming all year round.

“I will take the bride’s bouquet after the ceremony and work from there.” says Andrea. She can also glean ideas from photographs to create a masterpiece that will be a delight for many years to come. Her canvas sizes are generous and can be scaled to the taste of her client. She will also consult on framing her pieces so that her art is well presented and preserved for posterity.